What’s The Story Behind Jasper Cullen?

Because of the recognition of Anne Rice’s southern gothic novels, vampires have lengthy had an odd relationship with the darkish historical past of the South. When “Interview With the Vampire” got here out in 1976, plantations of the South had been celebrated. Louis is the proud proprietor of a plantation, and there’s no additional dialog about his unethical practices. “True Blood” is ready in Louisiana, whereas “The Vampire Diaries” took the unusual stance of placing Damon (Ian Somerhalder) within the Accomplice Military. Sadly, “Twilight” is not any totally different. Jasper was additionally on the Accomplice facet. And whereas “The Vampire Diaries” at the least makes an attempt to cowl their bases by having Damon desert the military for ethical causes, Jasper is given no such excuse.

Canonically in Stephenie Meyer’s books, Jasper is the youngest main in Texas and even lied about his age to enlist. “Eclipse” makes this simply as uncomfortable by glossing over this truth. Not even the feeblest makes an attempt had been made to attract a connection between the New child Military and the atrocities of the South. May the vampire military be a metaphor for the crimes perpetrated on the time? Perhaps. However we are going to by no means know. Jasper by no means makes point out of the politics of the time or if he has grown and discovered since then. All we all know is that he’s a terrific fighter who was so passionate concerning the South’s proper to slavery that he insisted on being a part of the Confederacy.



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