Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Decidueye Tera Raid information: dates, moveset, & greatest counters

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This information will educate gamers every thing they should learn about Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s 7-star Decidueye Tera Raids, together with which Pokemon to decide on for the most effective counters.

It’s time for one more 7-star Tera Raid occasion that includes some of the beloved starters from Pokemon Solar & Moon. Decidueye—the Arrow Quil Pokemon—takes the highlight in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, following different fan-favorite starters Charizard, Cinderace, and Greninja.

Whereas gamers haven’t been as terrified of Decidueye’s debut as they had been of Greninja, 7-star Tera Raids are nonetheless fairly difficult—Decidueye can be no completely different.

Fortunately, this information will assist gamers put together for Decidueye’s Tera Raid occasion in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. Right here is when the occasion kicks off, what gamers can anticipate from the raids, and which Pokemon they should take the grass owl down.

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Decidueye in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's 7-Star Tera Raid BattlesThe Pokemon Firm

When will Decidueye seem in Tera Raids?

The Decidueye Tera Raid occasion is ready to kick off in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet on March 17, 2023. There can be two weekends on the finish of March that characteristic 7-star Decidueye, they’re as follows:

  • March 17 – March 19
  • March 24 – March 26

This offers raiders loads of time earlier than the occasion begins and a couple of week to organize for many who miss the primary wave.

7-star Decidueye’s moveset & Tera Kind

Decidueye can have a Flying Tera Kind, which can be weak to Electrical, Rock, and Ice-type strikes. Nevertheless, due to its base typing, it nonetheless maintains the STAB from Ghost and Grass strikes. Gamers should take heed to Decidueye’s potential moveset earlier than selecting the correct counter.

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Decidueye’s moveset consists of three highly effective STAB bodily strikes together with two flex standing strikes. As a bodily attacker, Decidueye will begin the battle by instantly utilizing Swords Dance, so be sure to carry a Pokemon with a terrific defensive stat. It additionally is aware of the transfer Feather Dance, so it’s greatest to carry Particular Attackers.

Right here is the moveset for the 7-star Decidueye Tera Raids:

How you can counter Decidueye Tera Raids

Since Decidueye is a Flying Tera Kind, gamers will wish to choose a Pokemon with tremendous efficient strikes. On this case, gamers will probably wish to go along with Electrical-type Pokemon because it isn’t weak to any of Decidueye’s strikes and is immune to Flying-type strikes.

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As effectively, there are many Electrical-type Pokemon which are viable within the Paldea area, which might’t be stated for Ice or Rock varieties.

As for particular strikes, gamers will wish to make sure that somebody of their raid social gathering makes use of Acid Spray to decrease Decidueye’s Particular Protection (even when its defend is up) and Feather Dance to decrease the boss’ Assault stat.

Under are particular builds gamers can use to take out the Arrow Quil Pokemon.

Greatest Miraidon construct for Decidueye Tera Raids

For Pokemon Violet gamers, your model of the sport comes with a near-perfect raid-ready Legendary, Miraidon. Sorry Pokemon Scarlet followers, you’ll have to make use of a special Pokemon on this checklist.

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Miraidon will play a damage-dealing position however is kitted with stat-boosting and decreasing strikes essential to its success. The primary is Cost, which is able to enhance the facility of the following Electrical-type transfer used. The opposite is Steel Sound, which is able to decrease Decidueye’s Particular Protection by two phases.

Electro Drift is the primary damage-dealing transfer and can obtain a 30% harm enhance due to Electrical Terrain set by Miraidon’s capacity. And it wants to carry the Terrain Extender, so the Electrical Terrain lasts eight rounds as an alternative of 5.

Greatest Assist Bellibolt for Decidueye Tera Raids

Assist is a vital position for at the very least one participant, and this Bellibolt construct is the most effective help Pokemon for the job. You gained’t be dealing a lot harm or delivering the killing blow, however you’ll mitigate harm and maintain your self and your teammates within the combat longer.

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This construct depends on stat-lowering strikes to weaken Decidueye, even when its defend is up. Acid Spray will decrease Decidueye’s Particular Protection by two phases when it hits, and Chilling Water will decrease its Assault stat by one stage for every hit. This construct additionally assumes Decidueye is a bodily attacker.

Electrical Terrain can be utilized to spice up your and your allies’ Electrical-type assaults by 30% if nobody brings a Miraidon. Lastly, Parabolic Cost is used to maintain Bellibolt and may deal extra harm and heal extra well being due to the Electromorphosis capacity, and Large Root held merchandise.

Tacky Toxtricity technique for Decidueye raids

This technique requires teamwork, which means it gained’t work solo or in random on-line raids. It requires three Toxtricity with Acid Spray and Serving to Palms and one sturdy Particular Attacker just like the Miraidon above.

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On the primary flip, all three Toxtricity will use Acid Spray to decrease Decidueye’s protection by six phases. And on flip two, all three will use Serving to Palms on the Particular Attacker to spice up its harm by 150%. If the attacker is Miraidon, it ought to have already got Electrical Terrain lively. In any other case, the fourth Pokemon ought to take the primary flip to set Electrical Terrain.

This had the potential to one-shot the Decidueye, however listed here are some further strikes in case it doesn’t. Come ready with Magnetic Flux to spice up the defensive stats of the opposite Toxtricity. And use Thunderbolt to deal harm. If wanted, terastalize into Electrical Tera Varieties to spice up the harm of Thunderbolt even additional.

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That’s every thing you might want to learn about taking down Unequalled Decidueye in Tera Raids! Try extra Pokemon Scarlet & Violet guides under:

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